A Family Christmas in the Mountains

Last Christmas, we decided to unplug. What I mean by “unplug” is that we decided to go to a rural area to celebrate the holidays. Away from the city, the spotlight and the noise of urban life.

I don’t have any pictures at all, since all our phones were stashed away by Mom. And since we didn’t have anything to do, we socialized with the people around us. I gained new friends, got to play volleyball with my cousins, entered a volleyball tournament, ate foods that I have never tried before and last but not the least, I had the best Christmas ever.

Life in the mountains is so cool. We went swimming in the crystal clear water of Mahayag Falls. One thing that you can find in Mahayag is that they have Halo-Halo, and it never melts. The ice that they put in the Halo-Halo, never turns into liquid so you can enjoy a yummy and cold dessert rather than a bland drink.

Here’s a picture of a Halo-Halo I found on Pinterest. ^_^

Truth be told, this Christmas was unforgettable, the new experience and thrill that I felt. Without technology surrounding me, was awesome. It made me realize how wonderful it is to simply connect with nature again.

“The magic of Christmas never ends and its greatest of gifts are family and friends”


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